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What I know from working with hundreds of execs who try to grow through culture

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What role does marketing your brand play in a time of crisis?

It’s tough out there for marketers. In a “challenging and unprecedented” world, how do you capture the hearts and minds of consumers, while at the same time show sensitivity to a global crisis? …

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It’s not cool to introduce yourself as a “fun guy” — even comedians cringe at that label. We know that when you start with “here’s a fun story” — the tale tends to lack a punchline. Telling people it’s “time to have fun” has eyes rolling. …

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Being Canadian, I don’t lose my temper often. We are polite folk, more likely to apologise for saying sorry than to find ourselves criticising others. But I’ve been in California for three weeks, and perhaps that’s influenced my mood. The scourge of the business world has hit the West Coast…

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Within People’s Unlearning Leadership material at Canopy Workspace

Jeff Melnyk

Brand strategist, retired music producer, and exec coach for CEOs around the world. Fellow of the RSA. Founding partner of Within People.

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